BOYARI — premium-class clothing
for residents of the megalopolis of the future,
who take care of the planet,
while not denying themselves luxury.


These are people with strong charisma, for whom the refusal
to follow seasonal trends is the norm,
because they choose their own unique style
that sets the fashion direction in subsequent seasons.


The uniqueness and main advantage of the brand is the combination of:

— European and Russian fashion traditions;
— technologicality and innovativeness;
— environmental friendliness and awareness of consumption;
— individuality and diversity;
— artistry and symbolism;
— spirituality and intellectuality;
— ethics and high values.


BOYARI is an innovative designer brand of clothing and accessories made of Appleskin — leather, consisting of 50% apples — the most eco-friendly substitute for leather. This material was first introduced to the European market in 2018 and adapted to create clothing.

The brand was born and began to develop over the last six years of Olga Boyarinova's work and life in Paris.
In 2020, the fashion designer brought it to Moscow.

The desire to change the consumers' attitude to fashion prompted the designer to move away from the Couture line Olga Bojarinova and create a brand that meets the high standards of consumers of premium brands. At the same time, the BOYARI brand gives an opportunity to express its position on environmental protection, as it is 100% sustainable — "We are doing luxury for good" (the brand's position in this slogan).


The collection fully complies with the rules of sustainable fashion:

we produce clothes according to the principle of “slow fashion”, strictly limited production allows us to control the quality of products in detail, making it premium;
each model, like a work of art, has a limited number of reproductions and an individual number;
the collection is permanent, but is regularly supplemented with new models.

The brand is focused on the future as an expression of respect for the environment in sustainable fashion, so special attention is paid to the quality and history of the materials from which clothes are made. Only highly eco-friendly materials are used: Appleskin, Tensel, “green viscose" and eco-friendly Holofiber insulation. In addition to choosing eco-friendly materials, we minimize our negative manufacturing footprint on the planet. It is important to follow the "slow fashion" and know the history of clothing production. You don't have to live in the country and wear rags, do you? 


The energy of the city is the city of the future, in which conscious consumption is natural, there is inspiration for the designer of the brand. Thanks to the artistic painting, each item is personalized with the image of symbols that give strength to a person who wears BOYARI clothes. These are clothes filled with energy and meaning. That is why the energy sphere is the symbol of the brand, and the slogan is "FASHION THAT MATTERS" (fashion that matters).



You can pay for the order by bank card, via Yandex.Money or PayPal. For Moscow residents, payment can be made in cash.


After placing an order, we will contact you and agree on all the details. The cost of courier delivery in Russia is 300 rubles. Delivery is carried out within 3-5 working days, depending on your region.


You can return your purchase within two weeks if the product looks like new and you still have the receipt and packaging. You can contact us if you find a defect on the product. If it can be repaired, we will fix it, if not, we will replace it.